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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Training

Bar Mitzvah Program
Each Bar Mitzvah student has the privilege of studying one on one with
our Rabbi. The Rabbi prepares each Bar Mitzvah student with the skill of
chanting the Torah, Haftorah and blessings.

Bat Mitzvah Program (Mother - Daughter)
As a Jewish pre-teen approaches her Bat Mitzvah, she must face issues
of her changing identity and her place as both a woman and a member of
the larger Jewish community. Through our Mother-Daughter Bat Mitzvah
Program, Matan helps young women and their mothers navigate this
life-passage together so as to allow the Bat Mitzvah girl to build an
adult identity rooted firmly in Jewish sources.

The program consists of ten two-hour sessions during which mothers and
daughters study in chevruta related Jewish sources in preparation for
the girl's Bat Mitzvah. Centered around the theme "Jewish Women Through
the Ages", the program focuses on Jewish role models, among them: Rivka,
Miriam, Yocheved, Devorah, Channah, Esther, Bruriah, Dona Gracia,
Nechama Leibowitz, Rabbanit Bracha Kapach of Jerusalem and Avital
Sharansky. The women were selected for the program because they embody
positive attributes and values from which the girls can learn. The girls
gain insight into the world of Jewish women. The image of the "ideal
Jewish woman" they realize, can be embodied in many different ways, all
of them legitimate. As the girls reach maturity, these varied paths can
be used as a basis for each one to develop her own unique model of the
Jewish woman. Encountering these women through varied sources, both
mothers and daughters are able to appreciate the uniqueness of these
women's lives in relationship not only to the period in which they lived
but to modern times as well. The aim is to see how we, as Jewish women,
are part of a chain across the generations, and how the Bat Mitzvah can
serve as a bridge connecting the young girl to Jewish continuity.