15 Stewart Place, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549; Phone: 914-242-7460; [email protected]


  1. Is there an Eruv in Mount Kisco?
    MKHC has a complete Eruv.
  2. Does MKHC have a Hebrew School?
    Our Shul has a wonderful Hebrew School currently with an enrollment of
    30 students ranging from kindergarten through Bar and Bat Mitzvah.
  3. Does MKHC provide Bar and Bat Mitzvah training?
    We provide both Bar and Bat Mitzvah training at the Shul. Each Bar
    Mitzvah student studies one-on-one with our Rabbi, who prepares the Bar
    Mitzvah student to chant the Torah and Haftorah portion and blessings.
    Our Bat Mitzvah students study together with the Rebbetzin as part of a
    mother-daughter learning.
  4. What prayer services are offered at MKHC?
    We provide prayer services for Friday night, Shabbat morning and
    Shabbat afternoon as well as Sunday and weekday morning Shacharis services. We also gather minyanim for those reciting Kaddish, or commemorating a
  5. What prayer books are used at MKHC?
    MKHC uses the Art Scroll Siddurim.
  6. Does MKHC have any affiliations?
    We are a member of
    the Orthodox Union (OU).